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Conservation Recognition Program

Through this program, the Delaware Valley Smart Growth Alliance formally recognizes the regional conservation initiatives that hold the most promise for contributing to our future quality of life. On an annual basis, the DVSGA recognizes projects or programs that will encourage better conservation in the region in the broadest sense. Recognized projects range from projects that overcame obstacles to secure funding, to trails initiatives, to conservation projects that implement goals of a regional plan. The DVSGA publishes recognized projects on our website and honors recipients at our fall forum.

The philosophy behind the program.

The DVSGA believes that land conservation is more than just an amenity. Thoughtfully conceived conservation initiatives can help shape growth patterns over time and enhance land stewardship, air and water quality, and quality of life. Done well, these projects can also reduce opposition to smart growth development by increasing certainty that high-quality open space will be preserved in the region or that green components of urban environments will be restored.

What kinds of projects are eligible for nomination? The DVSGA seeks nominations in three categories:
  1. Conservation Funding. A program or project that succeeded in conserving land due to innovative funding such as leveraged funds, a unique funding source or creative funding mechanism.
  2. Public Access Project. A program or project that succeeded in providing significant public access through trails.
  3. A Conservation Project that Implements Plan Priorities. A conservation project that implements priorities in a regional plan, thereby contributing to the future quality of life in the region.
How are the selections made?

Our conservation jury reviews the nominations and the jury’s final selections are those programs or projects that hold the most promise for contributing to the region’s future quality of life, as well as those that can benefit most from independent support as they seek to increase public awareness, obtain funding or legislative support, or gain local or regional consensus or approval.

How can you participate?

Anyone can nominate a conservation initiative for recognition and listing by submitting some basic information about it to the DVSGA.

Click here for the nomination form.