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West Chester Hotel of Pennsylvania

West Chester, PA

Proposed redevelopment of a vacant commercial site in downtown West Chester into an 8-story, mixed-use building to incorporate a drugstore; branded 100-room full-service hotel including restaurant, meeting and catering rooms; the top 2 floors as one and two-bedroom condominium units. The location was originally a hotel which ceased operations in the 1940s and burned down in the 1960s. The project will retain existing façade of first floor restaurant (to be relocated to the new hotel) and will replicate a second floor porch from the original hotel. Sustainability features include geothermal applications, graywater systems, a green roof and solar panels. Developer is Zukin Realty. Shared parking with a new public garage which will provide solar energy panels and accommodations for bicycles and electric cars. Location is 3 blocks from the Chester County Transit Center and is serviced by 6 public transit agencies. Under construction.