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Cavaliers Country Club Re-Development 

Newark, Delaware

Cavaliers Country Club Re-Development 

Newark, Delaware 

Carlino Commercial Development and its consulting team have led the visioning, permitting, environmental mitigation and construction of a new mixed use residential project in New Castle County on the former 145-acre Cavaliers Country Club site in Newark, Delaware. Like many golf courses in the region, the Cavaliers Country Club, faced with declining membership, decided to close the club. 

Cavaliers Country Club is located in a densely populated area of northern New Castle County categorized as a planned Growth Area in the County’s Comprehensive Plan. The property, which abuts several older low and higher density residential neighborhoods, the Christina River, and the highly-successful Christiana Mall, is near Route 1 and an Interstate 95 interchange. This location enables easy access to Wilmington, Baltimore, the beaches, and to Philadelphia and its surrounding communities. In addition, there are millions of square feet of office and retail, including Delaware’s largest hospital complex and a casino within one mile of the planned Cavaliers project. 

The Cavaliers project will address missing real estate asset class in the sub-market which is diverse, new residential housing. Accordingly, the re-developed Cavaliers property will be comprised of six housing types: apartments with their own dedicated amenities including garages’, townhomes’, twin homes’, carriage homes’, village homes’, and small lot single homes. The former on-site Clubhouse will be repurposed as a restaurant and banquet facility. A new Connector Road that has long been planned by the Delaware Department of Transportation and New Castle County will bisect the project. The construction of this road will now be feasible due to the Cavaliers re-development project. The project developer will construct the 4 lane divided parkway type road throughout the length of the project. This Connector Road will help alleviate current traffic bottle-necks at the Christiana Mall and other adjacent retail, and will enable local traffic to avoid using Route 1 and Interstate 95 as local roadways to access the Christiana Mall. Importantly, the Connector Road will also catalyze the development of a planned DelDOT transportation hub adjacent to Cavaliers and the Christiana Mall that will expand the public transportation capacity and ridership in the area. 

The community’s residential mix is designed to serve various market segments including: renters, first time home buyers, downsizing families and older residents. A portion of the project will be age-restricted, and include sought after master-bedroom down designs for seniors. The property will be re-zoned to increase allowable density from 1.3 dwelling units per acre to just over five units per acre. Fifteen percent of the residential units will be designated as Moderately Priced Dwelling Units under the New Castle County Code. 

An extensive multi-purpose hard surfaced trail system linked to the project’s sidewalks will be built surrounding and throughout the Cavaliers project. It will be adjacent to County-owned greenway trails and will also connect to abutting residential communities, providing exceptional walkability, biking and fitness opportunities for area residents. A pedestrian precinct enabling connection to the Christiana Mall will be constructed, facilitating safe walking and biking access for the Cavaliers’ residents and adjacent neighborhoods to the entertainment, restaurants, 

Rev. Feb. 27, 2018 

shopping and services provided by this super regional mall. The project anticipates a late 2018 construction start. 

In planning the project, great care was taken to protect and preserve flood plains, wetlands, and an on-site lake and their respective riparian buffers. Specimen trees throughout the project were mapped and protected wherever possible. 

The former golf course was environmentally impacted by historic application of pesticides and herbicides, resulting in heavy metals in the site soils; the site also had leaking petroleum storage tanks and a solid waste dump. The planned site re-development will be the catalyst for the remediation of these environmental issues resulting in the environmental cleanup and beneficial re-use of the former country club. 

The planning process for the Cavaliers redevelopment project commenced in October 2013, and has been very inclusive of the adjoining residential neighbors’ input and that of the Christiana Mall’s owners. Over twelve working group meetings and dinners took place to engage neighboring communities and elected officials, review plan designs, answer questions and gain valuable feedback from the neighbors. Also, a host of County, State and Federal agencies have been involved in the project’s traffic planning, environmental clean-up, rezoning and site design. 

Ultimately, after nearly a five-year entitlement process and an anticipated multi-year buildout, a diverse residential neighborhood will result, creating a pedestrian friendly, transit served, mixed-use zone in a highly urbanized area of northern New Castle County. Substantial jobs, taxes and infrastructure will be generated by the Cavaliers re-development that will make this part of New Castle County a more attractive place to live and work.