Policy Recognition

Policy Recognition Program

Through this program, the Delaware Valley Smart Growth Alliance formally recognizes public policy initiatives that will foster regional growth and redevelopment in a manner that achieves important economic, economic and quality of life objectives.

The philosophy behind the program.

By recognizing your Smart Growth policies, the Delaware Valley Smart Growth Alliance hopes to encourage Smart Growth solutions throughout the public sector. Recognized Smart Growth policies are models for the region that DVSGA will promote to other public sector entities.

What kinds of projects are eligible for nomination? The DVSGA seeks nominations in three categories:

Projects eligible for the Smart Growth Policy Recognition include, but are not limited to the following topics: transit-oriented development, traditional neighborhood development, form based codes, multi-municipal, green building, alternative energy, accessory dwelling units, innovative parking, complete streets, and official maps. Policies recognized to be in compliance with the Smart Growth Policy Recognition Criteria listed below receive an award at our annual fall event and recognition on our website.

How are the selections made?

In order to ensure that recognized policies are worthy of emulation, a jury will ensure that policies meet the Smart Growth Policy Recognition Criteria. Applications are reviewed by an independent jury of architects, planners, developers, builders, bankers, engineers, and other related disciplines. All applications are confidential, if you seek recognition and are not recognized, it is not disclosed.

How can you participate?

Anyone can nominate a policy for recognition and listing by submitting some basic information about it to the DVSGA. Please submit the application material, as a single PDF electronically to: info@delawarevalleysmartgrowth.org.

Click here for the Smart Growth Policy Recognition application form.