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Ann Hutchinson

Ann Hutchinson, AICP, is the Senior Director of Municipal Conservation Services at Natural Lands Trust, located in Media, PA. Ann is a certified planner and landscape architect who has assisted Pennsylvania municipalities with growth management issues for 26 years; 17 of them with Natural Lands Trust. Ms. Hutchinson, together with the nationally-recognized planner, Randall Arendt, developed the state-wide Growing Greener: Conservation by Design program, designed to help communities meet the dual challenges of managing growth and conserving land. Ann’s portfolio includes local, state and national speaking engagements; development of training programs for municipal officials and professional planners; and, site tours of conservation subdivisions. She has assisted over 100 Pennsylvania municipalities with conservation-minded land use ordinances, plans and site plan reviews. She is a contributing author to the interactive CDROM Growing Greener Ordinance Language (Island Press, 2001).

Before joining the Trust in 1996, Ms. Hutchinson was the Director of Planning and Community Development for Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County, a first-ring suburb of Philadelphia. Ann holds a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University and a master’s degree in landscape architecture from the State University of New York, Syracuse.

Natural Lands Trust, the region’s largest land conservation organization, has saved more than 100,000 acres of land in its 60-year history. Since 1953, Natural Lands Trust has worked to restore and protect healthy habitats for native plants and animals, clean watersheds for people and wildlife, unspoiled areas for public enjoyment, and the beauty of our region’s natural lands for generations to come.

“Conservation and growth are both vital to our communities - finding an appropriate balance between the two is the best way to preserve natural areas and create vibrant, livable communities for people.”