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DVSGA recognizes 3.0 University Place

3.0 University Place is a new five-story mixed-use building at Market Street between 41st and 42nd Street, with easy access to subway, bus and bike share connections. Read more about it HERE.

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DVSGA announces affiliation with Philadelphia Vision Zero Alliance

The Bicycle Coalition’s of Greater Philadelphia’s Vision Zero 2017 Conference takes place on March 1st at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, and will bring together leading experts, elected officials and members of the public to share opportunities and best practices for creating local roadways that respect all human dignity and eliminate traffic deaths. Visit Website…

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DVSGA bestows 3 Smart Policy = Smart Growth Awards

DVSGA Press Release The Delaware Valley Smart Growth Alliance (DVSGA) has awarded their Smart Policy = Smart Growth award to three agencies in the Delaware Valley who have advanced sustainability and livability with progressive land use, transportation and environmental stewardship. In Delaware, the Delaware Department of Transportation and Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental…

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