The Delaware Valley Smart Growth Alliance (DVSGA) is an initiative of more than 200 government, private sector and non-profit organizations in the Greater Philadelphia tri-state region encompassing Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware.

DVSGA Fall Event

Well attended and interesting for all. Look for our next event on our revised website!

Fall Event

The End of the Suburbs

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The smart growth movement is driven by a growing concern that current development patterns are no longer in the best long-term interest of our communities. Combined with demographic shifts, a strong environmental ethic, increased fiscal concerns, and a different view of growth versus sprawl, the result is both a new demand and a new opportunity. While smart growth definitions may differ, they all generally focus on restoring community and vitality, are more town-centered, offer public transit and pedestrian options, feature a greater mix of housing, commercial and retail uses, and preserve open space and other environmental amenities. 

The DVSGA facilitates smart growth by recognizing proposed projects -- development plans, municipal plans and conservation projects -- at the earliest stages and helping them get approved at the local level. Applicants with projects in the entitlement stage are encouraged to apply. All applications are treated confidentially. Projects are reviewed on a quarterly basis by an independent, regionally diverse jury. Each project that is recognized - in compliance with the DVSGA's smart growth criteria receives a letter of endorsement and an offer of testimony before local approval authorities. The process is confidential -- if a project seeks recognition and is not recognized, it is not disclosed.

Projects that receive DVSGA recognition are those which foster regional growth and redevelopment in a manner that achieves important economic, environmental and quality of life objectives. By highlighting the potential of smart growth projects to add value to the region, the DVSGA hopes to encourage developers, business organizations, citizen groups and elected officials to strive for smart growth solutions.

"The Delaware Valley Smart Growth Alliance has brought together groups who are often adversaries to each other, including environmentalists and developers."
- New Urban News